Namespace: Models

Root of mean over samples of squared error.

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
error trgt pred
Signature: trgt:Tensor<'?175806> -> pred:Tensor<'?175806> -> float
Type parameters: '?175806

Calculates the root mean squared error. The mean is taken over the samples. The error is summed over all other dimensions. Shapes: pred[smpl, ...], target[smpl, ...]

ofPredictor (...)
Signature: dataset:TrnValTst<'?175808> -> batchSize:int64 -> trgtFn:('?175808 -> Tensor<'?175809>) -> predFn:('?175808 -> Tensor<'?175809>) -> float * float * float
Type parameters: '?175808, '?175809

Calculates the RMSE of a predictor on the training, validation and test sets.

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