IOptimizer<'T, 'OptCfg, 'OptState>

Namespace: Optimizers
Parent Module: OptimizerTypes


Instance members

Instance memberDescription
CfgWithLearningRate(learningRate cfg)
Signature: learningRate:float -> cfg:'OptCfg -> 'OptCfg
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the configuration with the learning rate set to the specified value.

InitialState(cfg parameterValues)
Signature: cfg:'OptCfg -> parameterValues:ITensor -> 'OptState
Modifiers: abstract

Initial optimizer state.

LoadState(hdf prefix)
Signature: hdf:HDF5 -> prefix:string -> 'OptState
Modifiers: abstract

Loads the optimizer state from a HDF5 file with given prefix.

Signature: ExprT
Modifiers: abstract

Expression performing one optimization step.

CompiledName: get_OptStepExpr

SaveState(hdf prefix state)
Signature: hdf:HDF5 -> prefix:string -> state:'OptState -> unit
Modifiers: abstract

Saves the optimizer state to a HDF5 file with given prefix.

Signature: ((VarEnvT -> 'A)) -> VarEnvT -> 'OptCfg -> 'OptState -> 'A
Modifiers: abstract
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