Namespace: SymTensor.Compiler.Cuda

methods for manipulating the CUDA compile environment

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
newConstant value env
Signature: value:ITensor -> env:CudaCompileEnvT -> ArrayNDManikinT

creates a new constant

newSubrecipe recipeDesc env
Signature: recipeDesc:CudaRecipeDescT -> env:CudaCompileEnvT -> SubWorkspaceT

adds a sub-workspace using the specified recipe description

newTextureObject contents descriptor env
Signature: contents:ArrayNDManikinT -> descriptor:CudaTextureDescriptor -> env:CudaCompileEnvT -> TextureObjectT

creates a new texture object

strideForVar var env
Signature: var:VarSpecT -> env:CudaCompileEnvT -> int64 list

Gets the strides for an external variable.

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