Namespace: SymTensor.Compiler.Cuda

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
buildFromDesc arg1
Signature: CudaRecipeDescT -> CudaRecipeT * CompileDiagnosticsT

builds a recipe for evaluating the specified expressions and storing their results into automatically generated variables

buildFromUExprs cudaCompileEnv expr
Signature: cudaCompileEnv:CudaCompileEnvT -> expr:UExprT -> CudaRecipeT * CompileDiagnosticsT

builds a CUDA recipe for the given unified expression

callsForExecItem cmd cache strm
Signature: cmd:CudaExecItemT -> cache:TmplInstCacheT -> strm:StreamT -> CudaCallT list

Cuda calls for executing an CudaExecItem in the given stream

Signature: string list
Signature: string

Header of generated C++ module

Signature: string list
generateAllocAndDispose (...)
Signature: compileEnv:CudaCompileEnvT -> memAllocs:MemAllocManikinT list -> streamCnt:int -> eventObjCnt:int -> CudaCallT list * CudaCallT list

generates init and dispose calls for CUDA resources

generateCalls streams cache
Signature: streams:StreamCmdsT list -> cache:TmplInstCacheT -> CudaCallT list

generates a sequence of CUDA calls from streams

generateIncludes incls
Signature: incls:string list -> string
generateInitCalls initItems cache
Signature: initItems:seq<IExecItem> -> cache:TmplInstCacheT -> CudaCallT list

generate initalization CUDA calls

getAllCFuncCalls recipe
Signature: recipe:CudaRecipeT -> CudaCallT list

gets all C++ function calls

getAllCKernelLaunches recipe
Signature: recipe:CudaRecipeT -> CudaCallT list

gets all CUDA C kernel launches performed

Signature: string

Header of generated CUDA kernel module

Signature: string list
Signature: string
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