Namespace: SymTensor

linear interpolator functions

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
create (...)
Signature: tbl:Tensor<'T> -> minArg:float list -> maxArg:float list -> outside:OutsideInterpolatorRangeT list -> mode:InterpolationModeT -> derivative:InterpolatorT list option -> InterpolatorT
Type parameters: 'T

Creates an n-dimensional linear interpolator, where table contains the equally spaced function values between minArg and maxArg. Optionally, an interpolator for the derivative can be specified.

getDerivative derivDim ip
Signature: derivDim:int -> ip:InterpolatorT -> InterpolatorT

Gets the interpolator for the derivative of the specified one-dimensional interpolator. If no derivative was specified at creation of the interpolator, it is calculated numerically.

getTable ip
Signature: ip:InterpolatorT -> Tensor<'T>
Type parameters: 'T

Gets the function value table for the specified one-dimensional interpolator.

getTableAsIArrayNDT ip
Signature: ip:InterpolatorT -> ITensor

Gets the function value table for the specified one-dimensional interpolator as an IArrayNDT.

interpolate ip es
Signature: ip:InterpolatorT -> es:Tensor<'T> list -> Tensor<'T>
Type parameters: 'T

Performs interpolation on host.

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