Namespace: SymTensor

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
canEvalSymbols rs
Signature: rs:SimpleRangeSpecT<'b> list -> bool
Type parameters: 'b
eval dynEvaluator rs
Signature: dynEvaluator:('a -> int64) -> rs:SimpleRangeSpecT<'a> list -> TensorRng list
Type parameters: 'a

evaluate a RangesSpecT to a RangeT list

isDynamic rs
Signature: rs:SimpleRangeSpecT<'?178914> list -> bool
Type parameters: '?178914
toBaseRangesSpec shape rs
Signature: shape:ShapeSpecT -> rs:SimpleRangeSpecT<'a> list -> (SizeSpecT * SizeSpecT) list
Type parameters: 'a

Active patterns

Active patternDescription
( |Dynamic|Static| ) rs
Signature: rs:SimpleRangeSpecT<'a> list -> Choice<unit,unit>
Type parameters: 'a

CompiledName: |Dynamic|Static|

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