Namespace: SymTensor

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
add sym value env
Signature: sym:SizeSymbolT -> value:SizeSpecT -> env:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT>

adds inferred symbol value

dump env
Signature: env:seq<KeyValuePair<SizeSymbolT,'?178593>> -> unit
Type parameters: '?178593

prints the size symbol environment

Signature: Map<'a,'b>
Type parameters: 'a, 'b

empty size symbol environment

merge aEnv bEnv
Signature: aEnv:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> bEnv:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT>

merges two environments

subst env size
Signature: env:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> size:SizeSpecT -> SizeSpecT

substitutes all symbols into the size and simplifies it

substRange env srs
Signature: env:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> srs:SimpleRangesSpecT<'a> -> SimpleRangeSpecT<'a> list
Type parameters: 'a

substitutes all symbols into the simplified range specification

substShape env shape
Signature: env:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> shape:ShapeSpecT -> ShapeSpecT

substitutes all symbols into the shape and simplifies it

tryGetInferred sym env
Signature: sym:'?178600 -> env:Map<'?178600,'?178601> -> '?178601 option
Type parameters: '?178600, '?178601
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