Namespace: SymTensor

variable specification

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
create name typ shape
Signature: name:string -> typ:Type -> shape:ShapeSpecT -> VarSpecT
findByName vs map
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> map:Map<VarSpecT,'a> -> 'a
Type parameters: 'a

gets variable by name

name vs
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> string

name of variable

nDims vs
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> int

number of dimensions of variable

ofNameShapeAndTypeName (...)
Signature: name:string -> shape:ShapeSpecT -> typeName:TypeNameT -> VarSpecT

create variable specifation by name and shape and type

shape vs
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> ShapeSpecT

shape of variable

substSymSizes symSizes vs
Signature: symSizes:Map<SizeSymbolT,SizeSpecT> -> vs:VarSpecT -> VarSpecT

substitutes the size symbol environment into the variable

tryFindByName vs map
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> map:Map<VarSpecT,'?178583> -> '?178583 option
Type parameters: '?178583

gets variable by name

typ vs
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> Type

type of variable

typeName vs
Signature: vs:VarSpecT -> TypeNameT

typename of variable

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