Namespace: Tensor.Utils

Utility functions

Nested types and modules


Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
Signature: BindingFlags

all BindingFlags, i.e. public and non-public, static and instance

Signature: string

directory of our assembly

checkProperType ()
Signature: unit -> unit
Type parameters: 'T

Verifies that the specified generic type is not obj or IComparable.

compareObjs this other
Signature: this:'A -> other:obj -> int
Type parameters: 'A

Compares two objects of possibly different types.

Signature: string
Type parameters: 'T

C++ data type for given type

cppTypeInst typ
Signature: typ:Type -> string

C++ data type for given type instance

disableCrashDialog ()
Signature: unit -> unit

disables the Windows WER dialog box on crash of this application

getKey ()
Signature: unit -> char option

Returns "Some key" when a key was pressed, otherwise "None".

iterate f n x
Signature: f:('?184162 -> '?184162) -> n:int -> x:'?184162 -> '?184162
Type parameters: '?184162

iterates function f n times

localAppData progName
Signature: progName:string -> string

path to application directory under AppData\Local

SetErrorMode mode
Signature: mode:ErrorModes -> ErrorModes
structToBytes s
Signature: s:'S -> byte []
Type parameters: 'S

Returns the contents of a blittable structure as a byte array.

Active patterns

Active patternDescription
( |Integral|_| ) x
Signature: x:'T -> int option
Type parameters: 'T

matches integral values (e.g. 2, 2.0 or 2.0f, etc.)

CompiledName: |Integral|_|

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